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This is my work home page. For more information about me and the rest of my life, see my personal web site.

I work for Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. (a subsidiary of Qualcomm Incorporated), a company in San Diego, California (though I live and work out of my house in Urbana, Illinois). I used to write Qualcomm's Eudora e-mail program for the Macintosh. Now, I work for the Office of the Chief Scientist. I've participated in assorted research projects, and do some teaching to engineers on using open source in Qualcomm products, but most of my time I spend working with the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF). Below are some things I've worked on at the IETF and elsewhere, as well as some links to other information about Qualcomm.

Positions I've held in the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF)

Applications Area Director of the Internet Engineering Steering Group (IESG)
2011 - 2015
Member of the Internet Architecture Board (IAB)
2004 - 2006
Chair of the Application Exchange (APEX) Working Group
2000 - 2003
Chair of the Blocks Extensible Exchange Protocol (BEEP)Working Group
Chair of the Internet Message Access Protocol Extension (IMAPEXT) Working Group
1999 - 2008
Chair of the Usenet Article Standard Update (USEFOR) Working Group
Chair of the Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP) Working Group
2002 - 2004
Chair of the Formal State Machine (FSM) "Birds of a Feather" (BOF)
March 2007
Chair of the Internationalizing Email Address (IEA) "Birds of a Feather" (BOF)
November 2003, March 2004
Chair of the Procedures Update for IETF (PUFI) "Birds of a Feather" (BOF)
March 2008
Chair of the Web Authentication Enhancement (WAE) "Birds of a Feather" (BOF)
July 2006

Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) Documents I've Written

RFC 1339
S. Dorner, P. Resnick, "Remote Mail Checking Protocol", 29 June 1992. Status: Experimental.
RFC 1896
P. Resnick, A. Walker, "The text/enriched MIME Content-type", 19 February 1996. Status: Informational. Also available: PostScript format, PDF format, HTML format, XML to RFC format.
RFC 2822
P. Resnick, Editor, "Internet Message Format", 24 April 2001. Status: Proposed Standard.
RFC 4417
P. Resnick, P. Saint-Andre, Ed. "Report of the 2004 IAB Messaging Workshop", February 2006. Status: Informational. Also available: HTML format, XML to RFC format.
RFC 4469
P. Resnick, "Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) CATENATE Extension", April 2006. Status: Proposed Standard. Also available: HTML format, XML to RFC format.
RFC 5068
C. Hutzler, D. Crocker, P. Resnick, E. Allman, T. Finch, "Email Submission Operations: Access and Accountability Requirements", November 2007. Status: Best Current Practice (BCP 134). Also available: HTML format, XML to RFC format.
RFC 5322
P. Resnick, Editor, "Internet Message Format", October 2008. Status: Draft Standard. Also available: HTML format, XML to RFC format.
RFC 5738
P. Resnick, C. Newman, "IMAP Support for UTF-8", March 2010. Status: Experimental. Also available: HTML format (local copy) and XML to RFC format (local copy)
RFC 5895
P. Resnick, P. Hoffman, "Mapping Characters in Internationalized Domain Names in Applications (IDNA) 2008", September 2010. Status: Informational.
RFC 6701
A. Farrel, P. Resnick, "Sanctions Available for Application to Violators of IETF IPR Policy", August 2012. Status: Informational.
RFC 6855
P. Resnick, C. Newman, S. Shen, "IMAP Support for UTF-8", January 2013. Status: Proposed Standard.
RFC 7100 (BCP 9)
P. Resnick, "Retirement of the "Internet Official Protocol Standards" Summary Document", 5 December 2013. Status: Best Current Practice.
RFC 7282
P. Resnick, "On Consensus and Humming in the IETF", 23 June 2014. Status: Informational.
P. Resnick, A.Farrel, "IETF Anti-Harassment Procedures", 29 April 2014. Status: Internet Draft.

World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Documents I've Written

HTML Threading: Conventions for use of HTML in email
E. Berman, P. Resnick, N. Shelness, "HTML Threading: Conventions for use of HTML in email", 5 January 1998. Status: NOTE.


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